Can I use TypeSquare fonts through a proxy server?

You can use OS proxy settings or TypeSquare Desktop Manager proxy settings.
Please note that TypeSquare Desktop Manager can be used only when using "Basic authentication" or "Digest authentication" if your proxy server requires user authentication.


In case of using OS proxy settings

- On Windows (Windows 10)
Please check your settings with the following steps:
1. Open Internet Explorer and select Internet Options from Tools menu.
2. Go to Connections tab and click on LAN settings button.
3. Turn on “Use a proxy server for your LAN” checkbox.
4. Click on “Advanced“ Settings button.
5. Enter the proxy address to use and the port in “HTTP:” and “Secure:” textboxes in "Proxy Settings" window.

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- On MacOS (MacOS10.13 High Sierra)
Please check your settings with the following steps:
1. Go to System Preferences > Network.
2. Click on Advanced button.
3. Go to Proxies tab.
4. Turn on “Web Proxy (HTTP)” and “Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)” in “Select a protocol to configure:” option panel and enter the proxy server address and the port in each protocol.

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Note: When authentication is required, a window requesting registration of authentication information appears in MacOS System Preferences. Since the entered user name and password are saved in the keychain, the window will not be displayed next time.
TypeSquare Desktop Manager for MacOS refers to the user ID and password registered with the keychain, so it can be used by registering the proxy address and the port to be used for both Basic authentication and Digest authentication.

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In case of using TypeSquare Desktop Manager proxy settings

Click on the TypeSquare Desktop Manager icon in the task tray and select “Settings” from the menu.


[In a general proxy environment]
No special settings are required. If user authentication is required, set the user name and password.

[In case of setting manually]
1. Select “Set proxy settings manually”.
2. Enter the proxy address to use and the port.
3. If user authentication is required, enter the user name and password.
4. Click on Set button to complete the setting.
* If you do not know the proxy server information, contact your network administrator.

Notes about applying and cancel the settings
- For MacOS, proxy settings may not be applied immediately. In this case, please restart your computer.
To cancel the manual settings, make sure that the OS proxy settings are set correctly, then go to Settings window of TypeSquare Desktop Manager, select “Use the system’s proxy settings” and click on "Set" button. Please note that an error may occur if the OS proxy settings are not set correctly.