TypeSquare inquiries are accepted through the inquiry form only. Please understand that inquiries by phone are not accepted.


TypeSquare Support Policy

- The contents and period covered by this policy are subject to change without a prior notice.

- The support may come with stipulated time period. In that case, after the stipulated period passes, support for the service shall not be provided in principle.

- Inquiries via phone shall not be accepted. In our support, inquiries shall be accepted and answered in English and/or Japanese. 

- The inquiry forms shall be accepted at all hours, but responses shall be given only during our support hours. 

It may take us several days to respond depending on the inquiry. Please make good use of the “FAQ” page as well.

- We shall not provide technical support for creating web pages. 

We shall not answer any inquiries about coding of HTML, CSS, etc.

- Problems attributed to the browser environment are outside the scope of our support.

- Problems attributed to the Internet connection environment are outside the scope of our support.

- Our support hours are 9:00 -12:00 and 13:00 – 17:15, Monday through Friday. (Except national holidays and company holidays)


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