The specified web font is not displayed.

Check the following items:
- Is the plan under your subscription valid?
- Do the number of fonts exceed the upper limit?
- Do you use a browser which supports TypeSquare?
- Have you registered the URL of the site to use TypeSquare?
- Is the specified tag included in the html file of the page?
- Is the specified tag included in the header?
- Does the code to properly close the header include the specified tag?
- Is the font specified using ""font-family"" in the CSS that specifies fonts?
- Is the font name specified correctly? (Please try the font names for CSS provided in Font List displayed after log in.)
- Is the font-family call to specify the font name written correctly?
If you cannot solve the problem after checking all the items above, make an inquiry from here.
Please write down the details of the symptoms and environment in question.