How do I use my desktop fonts?

Attention: You must first install TypeSquare Desktop Manager in order to use Morisawa's desktop fonts.

You will need to register before purchasing desktop fonts for the first time. Desktop fonts can be purchased from My Page.


How to Use Your Desktop Fonts

1. Select the plan or license you wish to purchase.

The Pack contain popular font families and styles pre-selected.
If you want to select your fonts, choose the number of licenses you need from Pick 'N' Choose. You can purchase up to 10 licenses at a time.


2. Please read the users agreement and complete your purchase.


3. If you are using desktop fonts for the first time, please be sure to install TypeSquare Desktop Manager.



4. Manage your purchased plans in "My Page."

• If you've purchased a Pack, font synchronization in TypeSquare Desktop Manager will begin after you complete the purchase.
• If you've purchased Pick 'N' Choose, you can install the number of fonts corresponding to the number of licenses you have purchased from "Select Desktop Fonts." Synchronization in your TypeSquare Desktop Manager begins when you click "Install" for the font you wish to use.