While a font was synchronous, an error occurred.

1  In order to use font, please restart OS.

Font synchronization completed.
To your computer recognize font, and use them, please reboot your computer.


2 Synchronizing

Fonts are synchronizing with server now


3 Synchronized.

Fonts synchronization completed and computer has recognized font, and those fonts are ready to use.


4 A font with the same name is already installed.

Same fonts are already installed on your computer from other font installer, besides TypeSquare Desktop Manager.
To use TypeSquare Desktop Manager's font, please uninstall same fonts from your computer and re-synchronized them.


5 Download Failed.

Font synchronization failed with server.
There for please wait in a while and try it again.


6 Download has been cancelled.

Font synchronization has canceled by user operation.
To use fonts, please re-synchronize them.


7 Font registration failed

An working environment of TypeSquare Desktop Manager has problem.
Thus, please reboot your computer and try it again.
If same message shows up after reboot your computer, please re-install TypeSquare Desktop Manager.


8 Unknown error.

Unexpected error occurred while synchronizing fonts.
Please wait in a while and try it again.
If same message shows up again, please contact out support.