Notes, limitations and known issues

Known issues

There are currently no known issues.


Notes and limitations

- Do not restart or sleep your computer during font synchronization.
Notes: Synchronization processing is performed after the following notification is displayed until the completion notification is displayed.



[Note] If you turn off notifications from TypeSquare Desktop Manager in the notification settings in your OS, the start of synchronization will not be notified and you cannot determine whether this issue has been solved. Check your OS notification settings to be notified.

* In case you have restarted your computer:
If you have accidentally restarted your computer and any operation is not accepted, try to reinstall TypeSquare Desktop Manager.

* In case your computer goes to sleep:
If your computer goes to sleep during font synchronization, the sync process appears to continue after returning from sleep mode, but synchronization will not complete.
Stop font synchronization from the cancel menu on the taskbar and retry font synchronization.

- If the network is disconnected and an error occurs during font update or synchronization, the synchronization process and update process will not be cancelled and operations will be unavailable for a certain period of time. If you are unable to operate while updating or synchronizing fonts, check the network connection and restart your PC.

- You can use fonts even when multiple users are logged in to the OS in a multi-user environment, but only one user can sign in to TypeSquare Desktop Manager. Please note that while one OS user is using TypeSquare Desktop Manager, another OS user on the same computer cannot use TypeSquare Desktop Manager.